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PoliBlog asks: “Who’s a Cylon?”

August 24, 2005 at 12:01 am | Fan Opinion

Over on PoliBlog, Dr. Steven Taylor makes some guesses about who the next human-looking Cylon will be:

After lunch the other day, Dr. Scott “Wordhoarder” Nokes raised the question of “who’s a Cylon” (America’s fastest growing quiz sensation).

This builds from the revelation from Sharon that there were “eight” more Cylons in the fleet.

Now, it is possible that she was lying, however eight makes logical sense—as to that point we knew that there were 12 models and we (and the humans) had encountered only 4 at that point in the narrative. Further, it is wholly logical that there be one of each model in the fleet somewhere, so even without her revelation, the likelihood that there are 8 out there is pretty solid.

PoliBlog: BSGblogging: Who’s a Cylon?

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  1. Paul says:

    Dtae of post: 3/4/06

    As of last night’s episode, we know what 6 of the models look like out of the 12 total models (human like). This refers to Number Model of cylon and then to the copies we’ve seen.

    1) Number 6:
    • Balthar’s main squeeze who’s “soul” or personality is in Baltar’s head and seemingly reborn in last week’s episode on Caprica (Caprica 6, hero to the cylons),

    • Shelly Godfrey, the version of 6 that was on Galactica tryiing to bust Baltra on taking out the defense grid.

    • Gina ( I think) was the 6 model that was on Pegasus that Baltar freed.

    • The last copy of number 6 I can honestly document as seperate was the one observing Sharon and Helo on Caprica in Season 1. She beat the crap out of Sharon to fool Helo and had the conversation regarding Helo’s actions to “save” Sharon out of love.

    2) Number 3:

    • Dana (Lucy Lawless), the investigative reporter, who did a story on the Colonial military personel.

    • Caprica 3, the “social worker” for the cylons trying to get Caprica 6 and Sharon back on track after their “rebirth” into new bodies. This one was killed by Caprica 6 and Sharon to keep them from having their memories/soul “boxed”, by the cylon leadership.

    3) Number 8:

    • Sharon “Boomer” Valerii, Helo’s version, who is helping the humans, had a child with Helo.

    • Sharon “Boomer” Valerii, Chief’s version, who shot Adama, was shot by Kali, and was reborn on Caprica, had trouble adjusting to being a cylon and is “friends” with Caprica 6.

    The male cylons - I don’t think their particular official model numbers have been revealed yet.

    4) Leoben Conoy. His susceptibility to radiation tipped off Adama in the miniseries, and another version was found in the fleet in Flesh and Bone (and was eventually dumped out of the nearest airlock—but not before appearing in President Roslin’s dreams).

    5) Aaron Doral fingered by Baltar, and confirmed to be a Cylon as the suicide bomber in Litmus. He was also the tour guide/PR person that appeared in the mini-series at the very beginning of the show.

    6) Doctor(Simon), revealed (and Starbuck has seen him), the Doctor(Simon) in The Farm. Certainly one of his model is in the fleet.

    So 6 KNOWN models of the humanoid cylons out of 12.

    I suspect Baltar, is a sleepr agent cylon.
    Why? In episode 218, Downloaded, they reshowed the scene in which Baltar and 6 are talking in his home during the Attack. She tells him to get down, the bomb hits and destroys her body, forcing her to be Downloaded. Why wouldn’t Baltar have died in that blast too? He shows up reasonably unscathed and is wisked off the planet. An explosion that can destroy a cylon body would have killed Baltar too.

    A copy of Baltar could be the one that got one the shuttle and on Galactica. Unaware except for the visions of 6 in his head.

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