Deleted Scenes from Season 2

November 22, 2005 at 8:40 am | Battlestar News

Want to see deleted scenes from the first half of Season 2? Well, you’re in luck because the SciFi Channel just posted 30 deleted scenes from the first half of Season 2.

A quick list of highlights (the full list of scenes is below):

• The complete Adama/Tigh flashback from ‘Scattered’, which reveals how Commander Adama befriended Colonel Tigh years before serving together on Galactica. view

• Adama and Tigh talk about their experiences during the Cylon War. view

• Dream sequence where Billy suggests Laura Roslin should resign and then attempts to murder her. view

• While in captivity, Starbuck has nightmare where Anders appears in the Cylon-run hospital where she’s being held. view

• Elosha, the priestess, thanks Laura Roslin for restoring her faith in the Gods. view

• Extended scenes on Kobol which show Adama and Chief tracking the other party from Galactica and Roslin questioning her decision to separate the fleet. view

• Starbuck pays an unexpected visit to Galactica’s memorial to all of those who died in the Colonies. view

• While Apollo pleads with Chief to fix a viper, one of the vipers accidentally begins to power up. view

• An extended version of the Apollo/Dee scene from ‘Flight of the Phoenix’ which shows a lot more chemistry between Apollo and Dee as they spar with each other. view

Full list of deleted scenes:

Scattered (201):

Saul Tigh meets Bill Adama
Tigh’s temper, then and now
Tigh remembers Adama’s return to the fleet
Adama does Tigh a favor

Valley of Darkness (202):

Tigh and Adama trade war stories
Tigh clashes with Lee in a crisis
Six warns Baltar to abandon the others
Kara and Helo on Caprica

Fragged (203):

Roslin is haunted by her fears

Resistance (204):

Lee asks Dualla’s help to free Roslin

The Farm (205):

Baltar’s opinion of Adama
Lee defends President Roslin
Kara’s nightmare; talking to Simon
Lee confronts Roslin
Kara sees double Sixes

Home, Part 1 (206):

Elosha thanks Roslin for restoring her faith

Home, Part 2 (207):

Memories and friendship
Discussing Sharon; tracking Roslin; seeking counsel
Six tells Baltar to enjoy his psychosis
Billy’s admission, Lee’s apology

Final Cut (208):

Roslin’s reaction to D’Anna’s report
D’Anna gets hired; Adama gets final cut
D’Anna interviews Tyrol on the job
Helo’s Interview (Full Version)

Flight of the Phoenix (209):

Kara at Galactica’s memorial wall
Tyrol has a really lousy day
No forgiveness for Cally
Lee and Dualla, sparring with sparks
Six reacts to Adama’s dismissal of Baltar
Tyrol visits the new Sharon; back to work

Pegasus (210):

• Sadly, no deleted scenes for this episode.

2 comments on “Deleted Scenes from Season 2”

  1. Chris says:

    That’s pretty hot stuff. I can see why they left Pegasus out, though. They cut so much out of that episode that they’re going to include the longer version on the DVDs. It wouldn’t make sense to include all the bits as deleted scenes. Besides, I’m betting that there are some hints about 211 in those scenes…

  2. Galacticaa says:

    Yeah, good call on the Pegasus deleted scenes. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them make it into ‘Resurrection Ship’, as well.

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