BSG’s Cally gets her own drink… the Callymotxo!

October 9, 2006 at 7:10 pm | Fan Art

hober says…

I often end up playing bartender when we all get together to watch BSG. This past weekend’s frak party was no exception, and in honor of the season 3 premiere I came up with what we decided to call the Callymotxo.

BTW, this drink is inspired by the Kalimotxo, pronounced /ˈkæliˈmotʃo/, which is a wonderfully refreshing Basque mixed drink made by mixing cheap red wine with Coca-Cola. Brilliant!

So here’s how to make one:

  1. Two parts tequila
  2. One part triple-sec
  3. One or two parts cranberry juice
  4. Fill with Coca-Cola

N.B.: substituting Diet Coke (or even Caffeine-Free Diet Coke) is perfectly A-OK.

It was a smash hit with our crew (though you’ll have to take their words for it as I can’t stand tequila myself).

Share and Enjoy! So say we all!

3 comments on “BSG’s Cally gets her own drink… the Callymotxo!”

  1. Devil Pup's SPC., C. Banuelos says:

    Sounds great. I’ll give a shot one day. Although if I get caught I’m screwed, since I’m 15. No, but seriously sounds great.

    P.S. big fan.

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