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Shots of Starbuck, Sheeba, and Tigh at Screen Heroes 2005

October 10, 2005 at 8:32 am | Galactica '78, Cast & Crew

Low attended the recent Screen Heroes 2005 conference in Utrecht, Netherlands and took some great shots of the original BSG cast, including Starbuck, Apollo/Tom Zarek, Sheba, and Colonel Tigh:

UPDATE: At our request, Low has posted a few more shots of the original BSG cast to his Screen Heroes photoset.

Now Playing: Interview with Ron Moore, Pt. 3

October 9, 2005 at 11:16 am | Battlestar News, Cast & Crew

Now Playing has just published the third part of its interview with BSG series creator Ron Moore. (Links to part one, part two, and a special video interview with the cast.)

Highlights include the potential of more Caprica-based episodes, discussion about bringing original BSG cast members back to the show, and this telling quote about the chances for finding Earth:

“Searching for Earth… I think that will always be part of the show. I think it is one of the fundamental ideas of what the show is,” says Moore. “I always wanted this to be Battlestar Galactica, just a different version of it. There are certain things that make it Battlestar Galactica and without them it would be something else. It’s an aircraft carrier in space, shepherding a bunch of civilian ships, and looking for a place called Earth. That is kind of the logline of the series. Now, that doesn’t mean they can’t find Earth. That doesn’t mean you can’t find Earth and then have problems, or do some different kind of storytelling. But I don’t know that I ever really want to yank the fundamentals away from the show. You never say never. You want to be able to say, ‘Well, wait a minute, we’ve got this great space station idea. Let’s do that for a season.’ I mean, you never know. But basically, I don’t think so.”

Billy: “I have a little naughty biz wit D”

August 19, 2005 at 9:45 am | Cast & Crew

We just ran across the highly amusing official website of Galactica actor Paul Campbell (a.k.a. Laura Rosslyn’s assistant Billy).

Why is it so amusing? Well, read this entry from Paul’s Journal, a blog where Campbell posts his thoughts about the show:

Oh what a ride. I’ve actually just watched the first three episodes as well as the ninth (I only watched that one because I have a little naughty biz wit D.) and boy oh boy oh boy is it hot. Hot hot hot hot hot. The show’s actually pretty good which is pleasing beacuase there’s nothing quite as dissatisfying as dedicating five months of your precious life to a steaming dung heap. Soon to be unemployed, I’m just gearing up for the T.O. film festival. I have no idea what to expect. In fact my only goal is to get into “People” mag’s worst dressed column. Shouldn’t be tough, I’ve got some pretty ugly shit.

Thanks to [info]kirinqueen for the tip!

Ron Moore’s Deep Space Journey

July 17, 2005 at 9:18 pm | Battlestar News, Cast & Crew

The New York Times has published a wonderful profile of Battlestar Galactica and series creator Ron Moore.

“On the Galactica, there is no captain’s chair; there are no windows full of stars. The command center is busy and dark, protected deep within the ship the way it would be on an actual military vessel. As the actors move from room to room, hand-held cameras swoop behind them, closing in on them claustrophobically. The characters do not travel heroically from planet to planet, solving the problems of aliens. There are, in fact, no aliens at all.”

(Fans can grab a print version of the article from Sunday’s copy of the New York Times, in the magazine supplement.)

New York Times: Ron Moore’s Deep Space Journey (reg. required)

How to make a “Cylon Shooter”

July 11, 2005 at 11:10 pm | Cast & Crew

Cylon Shooter

The SciFi channel just aired a funny promo for Galactica that features Grace Park (Boomer) and Tahmoh Penikett (Helo) making a BSG-inspired cocktail drink called a “Cylon Shooter”.

It contains these ingredients:
• “A little bit of Lichee — something exotic”
• Coconut Creme
• Lichee Juice
• Grenadine
• Vodka
• Tabasco Sauce
• Cherries

Boomer never actually explains how much of each ingredient goes into a Cylon, but we’ll take a stab at it.

1. Blend the lichee fruit, coconut creme, and lichee juice into a nice creamy consistency.
2. Pour the mixture into the bottom half of a shot glass.
3. Next, add enough vokda to fill the shotglass to 3/4’s of its height. (More is okay, but don’t forget you’ll need some room at the top for the next step.)
4. Add a dollop of tabasco sauce “for that kick”.
5. Pour grenadine into the center of the drink, allowing it to bubble up from the bottom. (This step gives the drink its signature “Cylon red” look.)
6. Place a cherry on top.
7. Drink to the Cylons… umm… Colonials!

To view the clip (and several screencaps), check out Northern Lights, a Helo fansite.