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I love Doc Cottle

October 14, 2006 at 5:43 pm | Episode Reviews

I love Doc Cottle. He’s like Switzerland, but with balls. He never chooses sides but seems all the stronger for it. I’m just saying.

…from Bringing Up Baby, Entertainment Weekly’s take on last night’s episode.

Review Roundup: “The Farm”

August 17, 2005 at 11:31 pm | Episode Reviews

Here’s a quick list of reviews from last week’s episode of Galactica — “The Farm.”

niobedancing’s Livejournal: Dogtags Revisited

The lesson for me is that my original instincts have been correct - when watching BSG, apply Occam’s Razor and always assume the simplest explanation. I had a feeling that the show was not *really* as mysterious as it seems and that little things that people fixate on and come up with theories for are usually just little things. I have some friends who have come up with extremely elaborate backstory and theories about Cylons and Cylon/human relations, and I’m now fully in the place of thinking that they are giving the show/Ron Moore too much credit. Yeah, it would be cool if this really cool theory really was true, but I think in most cases it’s going to turn out to be the more boring, pedestrian explanation.

Unofficial Battlestar Galactica Blog: Thoughts on The Farm

I have a litmus test for opening credits in shows… You know they are good if you watch them every time. For instance I always skipped Star Trek: The Next Generation credits, but I always watched the DS9 ones… The credits for season one of BSG I watched every single time. The theme song was so amazing and the little flashes of episode insight were fun. It is no secret that they took both of those fun things away for season 2, replacing the theme with a more vocal (and in my opinion less powerful) song and removing the little sneak peek. This week I was quite happy they added the episode flash scenes back in. This makes me excited because, if they changed their minds on that, maybe they are close to changing their minds and going back to the old “US” theme. Maybe for season three?

Old Bitch, Crappy Attitude: BSG 2×05: Farm

Roslin, okay, which is it, guys? Does she truly believe in the prophecy and her role in it or doesn’t she? You CAN’T BE A WISHY-WASHY CULT LEADER! If she has the balls to send Kara to get the arrow at the price of her integrity, position and the security of the fleet, it makes no sense for her to be squeamish about the blessings and kneelings.

lost in the fog of my own imagination: Oh BSG Fandom, Are We Breaking Up?

You can disagree with someone without hating them. You can have problems with something without hating it as a whole.

In case it was not clear to anyone who hangs about here: if you liked The Crack Farm I am not suddenly your enemy.


synthetica1: Battlestar Galactica - s02e05

Lots of Starbuck in bed this episode and she also showed a lot of vulnerability; she’s not as manly as I thought! Not enough of Baltar though. D: I was surprised that Adama didn’t go psycho on Tigh for fucking things up so badly. Anyway, pretty anti-climatic ending.

Adventures of a Gay Geek: Battlestar Galactica Review: The Farm

Wow…this show gets more and more interesting. And, again, I’m brought back to a topic that I discussed in my review of tonight’s Stargate SG-1 episode - religion in science fiction. In Battlestar Galactica, you have two religions going on and percieved in entirely different ways. For Roslin, she is using people’s blind fate in the scriptures to encourage them to join her crusade. But, the human theology is not monotheistic, but polytheistic. It’s based on the Greek Gods. Yet, we all are rooting for Roslin — or, at least, I am. I find Adama’s rigid militarism abhorent. I want the people to believe in the scriptures in this case. I want the fleet jumping to Kobol with Roslin so that they can find Earth.

The Lion’s Domain: BSG: The Farm

Another good episode, but a little weak on the Caprica side.