New BSG icons from the Iconfactory

August 11, 2005 at 11:54 am | Fan Art

Legendary icon artist Corey Marion (from the Iconfactory) has posted a new set of Galactica icons.

The set includes a Viper patch, the Arrow of Apollo, Viper wings, Pyramid cards, a Galactica emblem, and a handwritten note from Laura Rosslyn (with ‘Olympic Carrier’ written on it).

BSG icons from Iconfactory

Download icons: Mac OS X | Windows XP

4 comments on “New BSG icons from the Iconfactory”

  1. kirinqueen says:

    I think Boomer needs a sticker made from the BSG Patch icon.

  2. […] Corey Marion at the Iconfactory has just uploaded a second batch of Galactica icons. (View the first batch.) The new set includes 128 x 128 pixel renderings of Ad […]

  3. DeAnna L Pine says:

    luv icons…big fan of bsg, the new series & the classic

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