The Battlestar Galactica Drinking Game

October 11, 2005 at 9:37 am | Galactica '78

Just ran across a drinking game for the original Battlestar Galactica. If you’re a fan of the old show like me, you’ll find this quite hilarious.

  • Whenever a Cylon says “By your command.” — 1 drink
  • Someone takes the name of “The Lords of Kobol” in vain. — 1 drink
  • Anyone uses a “colonialism.” (I.e., centon, micron, daggit, furlon, cubit, etc.) — 1 drink
  • The Council of the Twelve makes a really stupid decision. — 1 drink
  • The destruction of a Raider or Viper actually coincides with when the lasers apparently struck it. — 2 drinks
  • Starbuck comes up with a cunning plan to get rich quick, only to see it go up in smoke. — 2 drinks
  • Rigel says something other than “Transferring control to all vipers. Launch when ready.” — 3 drinks
  • You actually see Starbuck romancing a woman (Cassiopea does not count) — 3 drinks
  • Someone OTHER than Starbuck or Apollo has to make a forced landing on a planet. (We know. It never happens. But, we can always hope.) — 4 drinks
  • You actually see one of those battle jackets buttoned. (We dare you to find even one fastener closed.) — 4 drinks
  • Someone actually makes a reference to life before the Destruction AFTER the first three episodes (or first, depending on what version you are playing with.) — 4 drinks
  • A one-shot character, who allegedly has a long history with one of the main characters, comes out of nowhere, throwing the whole known history of the character in doubt. Take four MORE drinks if the character was believed to be dead. Take ANOTHER five drinks if it was obvious that the one-shot character was created for a “name” guest star. Take ANOTHER six drinks if the main character in question is NOT Starbuck. (Warning: Watching “The Living Legend” will get you totally smashed under this rule since Commander Cain counts for 18 drinks)

There are two drinking games for the new show, but both are very short: take a drink when Colonel Tigh drinks. Ha ha!

Pretty funny, but we really need a new version of this game. Comment below with your ideas for a new BSG Drinking Game!

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  1. Erin says:

    Well, there’s my version too: take a drink whenever Number Six appears. I can’t think of anything else. I think we’ll have to brainstorm on this one. ;)

  2. Javier says:

    Well I just spent a little while coming up with this:

    When somebody says “frak” 1 drink
    Whenever anything goes tragically/horribly wrong 2 drinks
    Whenever Six comes on 1 drink
    Whenever Tigh or his wife drinks 1 drink
    Whenever Adama looks unhappy/pissed/upset 2 drinks
    Whenever Dualla gets a phone call 2 drinks
    Whenever Apollo gets nearly naked or shirtless 4 drinks
    Whenever Boomer tries to prove she’s really nice and not evil 4 drinks
    Whenever Helo looks like he’s thinking “What the frak have I gotten myself into?” 1 drink
    Whenever Roslin disagrees with anyone about anything 2 drinks
    Whenever Starbuck either has to do something other than flying or hits somebody 4 drinks
    Whenever Tyrol gets angry at one of his deck hands 2 drinks
    Whenever Baltar does something wrong i.e. morally apprehensible 1 drink
    If Cally kills someone else (other than Boomer) 4 drinks
    Whenever someone dies 1 drink
    Whenever someone important dies or gets wounded unexpectedly ( e.g. Boomer, Adama etc.) 5 drinks, c’mon they died it’ll make you wanna drink
    If the camera does that panning-zooming thingy 2 drinks
    If Raiders appear 2 drinks
    If a Basestar appears 3
    If someone says anything pertaining to religion 2 drinks
    And just cause I like Starbuck
    If Starbuck kicks ass in a dogfight or otherwise does anything insane at any time 3 drinks

    Have fun! :)

  3. Galacticaa says:

    Those are hilarious, Javier.

    Let me see if I can add a few…

    When someone calls a Cylon a “toaster” - 1 drink
    When you hear the Dradis sound - 1 drink
    When Baltar and Six have a dream sequence at Baltar’s house back on Caprica - 3 drinks
    When a character is covered in a ridiculous amount of blood (Apollo post-Adama’s shooting, Starbuck’s “blood beard” on Caprica, etc.) — 3 drinks
    When a character introduces a new “frak” curse word (”Frak’s sake”,”motherfrakker”, etc.) — 3 drinks
    When there’s a gratuitous shot of Apollo in the buff - 4 drinks
    When Starbuck sits on the Arrow of Apollo - 4 drinks
    When Six talks *without* using her sexy/sultry voice - 4 drinks
    When there’s a blog post by Ron Moore - 5 drinks
    When they finally find Earth - Open bar!

  4. Javier says:

    thanks! yours are hilarious too especially the “blood beard” one

  5. This is what we play at home:

    Take a sip whenever someone says Frak.
    Take a sip whenever Tighe takes a drink.
    Take a sip whenever Starbuck takes a drink.

    Take a big gulp whenever the Doctor is shown smoking.
    Take a big gulp whenever Starbuck is shown smoking.
    Take a big gulp whenever someone throws a punch at a card game.

    Chugalug (finish your drink) whenever someone throws a punch at a superior officer.
    Chugalug whenever a new cylon model is revealed
    Whenever the Command Bridge bursts into relieved applause.

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