E! Online interviews Ron Moore

October 12, 2005 at 9:20 am | Battlestar News, Spoilers

E! Online has just posted a fantastic interview with BSG showrunner Ron Moore:

Here are a few spoiler-free excerpts:

Mindy Boustead: When will there be a confirmation that Battlestar Galactica was picked up for a season three?
Ron: We’re having general conversations about it. The network hasn’t made it a formal pickup. I’d say the indications look good. But they don’t have to pull the trigger on it for a few more months. It’s just the way networks work, they will probably not do it until they have to. February or March.
I’m optimistic. I’ve been optimistic since we did the miniseries that we’d get picked up and I feel that we’re going to get picked up.

Kathryn: How many years/seasons do you anticipate the series will run?
Ron: I’ve been asked that question and it’s a difficult question. I just kind of take each season as it comes. At the end of a season, like we’re approaching now, I always feel like, oh god, can I get even one more season out of it? And at the beginning of the season we always come up with more stories than we have time to do. So I’m certain that we could get a couple more years out of it. And you don’t want to overstay your welcome either.

There’s also this rather puzzling comment:

And then we’ve got, of course, a big two-part finale where a lot of things are gonna change, and the show’s gonna sort of make a fairly significant, radical change of direction.

E! Online: Battlestar Q&A with Ron Moore

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