The Return of Ron Moore

October 14, 2005 at 5:16 pm | Battlestar News, Cast & Crew

Ron Moore has just updated his long-dormant blog on the SciFi Channel website:

Today is something of a notable day, in that we’re putting out first drafts on the final three episodes of Season Two, which means that we’re now officially in the endgame. There’s a sense of relief, coupled with sadness, now that the last first drafts are being published, because it means that the heavy-lifting (in terms of writing) has come to a close, and that the final stories have been laid before us. When I was at Trek, and doing 26 hours a year, the end of the season was more an occasion for the bleary-eyed and nearly brain-dead staff to plan their escapes from the Hart Building and grab a few blissful days of drunken vacation before returning to plan out the next season than it had a taste of the bittersweet. With Galactica, while the end does bring with it the happy thoughts of not having to start with a blank page again this year and the reward of time spent thinking about something besides Kara’s missing ovaries (”Now, where did I leave those ovaries? They were right here a minute ago…”) it’s also a reminder of just how fast this trip is going. Two seasons and a miniseries nearly under our belt at this point. How is that possible? I can’t decide if I’m just getting old or if the special quality of this experience is truly making it all seem like it’s roaring past me at an impossibly fast pace.

Other interesting tidbits: Moore talks about the original ending of ‘Home: Part II’, screwing up something really bad in an episode (he doesn’t say what), and avoiding Star Trek’s tendency toward technobabble.

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2 comments on “The Return of Ron Moore”

  1. Galacticaa says:

    I wonder if the screwup he’s referring to was the opening music in “Pegasus” (when Galactica discovers another Battlestar survived the attack).

    It kinda worked, but was also seriously cheesy.

  2. JouleS says:


    Make season 2, 1 to 13 avalaible via iTunes download, I don’t have access BSG via standard TV (cable or satellite) Thanks!

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