Battlestar Galactica Lego Goodness

November 1, 2005 at 11:07 am | Merchandise, Fan Art

While you can’t yet buy your very own set of Battlestar Galactica Legos®, several enterprising fans over at Brickshelf have done the next best thing and created Lego versions of Vipers (Mark 2 and Mark 7), the flight deck, and even the Galactica herself (though this one is from the old show).

BSG Legos

Battlestar Galactica Mark VII Viper
Battlestar Galactica Mark II Vipers
Battlestar Galactica Mark II Viper — with assembly instructions
Battlestar Galactica (’78 version) — with assembly instructions

(Thanks to ‘hober’ for the heads up! Battlestar Blog also posted about this earlier.)

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  2. Joey says:

    This has got 2 b some of the collest stuff I have seen so far. It’s nice to c that creativity isn’t dead. Thanks for the assembly instructions.
    Maybe later someone might post assembly instructions for the larger versions.
    Yeah and maybe some Lego bigwig can get off his Lego crapper and pay u guys for the idea. Marketing bitches

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  4. Cam Chany says:

    Please would you take pictures of the mark vii vipers thrusts and under the viper i would really like it if you would do so, also would you take pictures of the viper at a horizontal picture front to back, and back to front. Thank you i would really like it if you could do that.

    Cam Chany
    P.S. please have the pictures in the lego mark vii viper.

  5. Cam Chany says:

    Hello again I was also hoping that you would make instructions for the mark vii viper. I would really like to build the viper becuase i tried once on a different viper, but it didn’t come out the way I wanted it.



  6. Hello I was wondering if you would send me the instructions on how to make the Mark VII Viper. I think that this lego has been the best that I have ever seen in my life. I would really like it if you could send me the instructions again and maybe even the parts list too. Thanks I hope you can get me that stuff soon.


  7. G. Kilbane says:

    I was wondering you did release your instructions on how to make the Mark VII Viper (Both white & gray versions pictured). This is probably the best and most durable design I have seen on the internet. (It took 23 years for Lego Star Wars to be produced and I am impatient). I would appreciated it if you are willing to send me instructions and even the parts list. If not, please know that your design and creation is phenominal. Thank you.

  8. Jorge says:

    Great pics. I love them all. Just wanted to correct you on something. The pics are not based on the old show. It’s all from the new show. The two figures on the Mark 7 are “Apollo” and Galen Tyrol. Right behind them on the deck floor are (from left to right) Colonel Saul Tigh, Admiral William Adama, and “Starbuck”. In the back of the picture between the Mark 2’s, is a dark haired female piolt, probably “Boomer”. Keep up the good work.

  9. Mike says:

    Wow, the flight deck is amazing!

    I’ve started making some Battlestar Galactica minifigs - so far I’ve done Adm. Adama, insurgent Tigh, and Starbuck. Boomer is in the works (having a little trouble with her flight suit).

    You can see them at

  10. Colin says:

    Can you please let me know if you have the instructions available for botht Viper variants shown in the picture, White and Grey models. As I would like to make some myself.

    PS They are by far the best I have seen on the web.

  11. Bob Marley says:

    Could u post some instructions for the larger vipers?

  12. Kevin says:

    Where can i get intructions for the larger mkII and mk VII vipers?

  13. David says:

    Is there any chance i can buy the Battlestar Galactica hangar deck with vipers off you?

  14. Jack says:

    I would definitely be interested in buying 2 sets of what is pictured above, flight deck and all. Please email me.

  15. Bryan says:

    I too would like to buy the vipers? Need them for Christmas.

  16. Crashdown says:

    man those big varients are awesome if you could send me instructions on those in the flight deck and a parts list i would be infinately thankful

  17. crashdown says:

    otherwise if ou cant send an email if you could post the instructions on this page that would be great too thx

  18. carl horan says:

    hi just wondering if you’d be interested in some of my pics i have a large viper (new) and a 2 and half feet at least long battlestar galactica made in great details not exactly like the pic more like a cross between the galactica and peagus it’s nearly double the length of the new lego star destroyer and includes a working motor from the At At set which powers its engines. Let me know if your interested in seeing it

  19. Leo says:

    Can you mail me the intstructions and maybe the peices for those i’ll pay unless they are coming out soon in stores. Those are really cool man I want one.

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  22. Mike says:

    Hey dude, those are some of the best looking lego colonial vipers ever! Could you please send me the instructions to make the Mark VII viper and those white vipers in the background of the photo

    PS: PLEASE!!

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