HNR reveals Galactica “mistake”

November 17, 2005 at 7:37 am | Battlestar News

About a month ago, Ron Moore blogged that he was angry with himself for producing *something* that didn’t reach Galactica’s high standards for quality.

The problem was… he didn’t actually say what the something was. A plot hole? Continuity error? That cheesy music at the beginning of “Pegasus?”

Well, the Hollywood North Report, which recently visited the set of BSG, seems to be in the know:

One of the more recent Moore blogs posted on the SCI FI Galactica homepage this past October also indicated that Ron was dissatisfied with one of the later Galactica episodes.

“I found myself not only dissatisfied last night,” Moore stated, “but positively angry with myself at something I knew in my bones had fallen well below the bar I set for myself and for the show in general. I won’t go into it now (maybe later) but it was one of those situations where I looked at something and had to listen to the voice inside my head say, ‘You screwed this one up.’ Nothing pisses me off more than not making a show the best I think it can be and in this case, there was no one to blame but myself.”

Sources close to the Battlestar Galactica production have indicated that Ron was referring to the long anticipated Cylon point-of-view (PoV) episode, 218. Apparently, that episode has been trashed and with the extra-episode (212) inserted, 217 will be replacing 218. Whether fans will ever see the Cylon PoV storyline (or not) remains to be determined.

IMHO, this is great news. The Cylon PoV storyline seems very cool, but if it’s a creative failure, it could really hurt the show. “Oh, this is what the Cylons see? That kinda sucks. BSG just jumped the shark.”

2 comments on “HNR reveals Galactica “mistake””

  1. Amy says:

    Heh… I was wondering if it was the scene where Starbuck interrogates Leoben. Is it me, or in the shot where he overturns the table, is that her stunt double shot dead on from the front? Either that isn’t Katee, or she suddenly switched faces, because she doesn’t look anything like herself. If I’m right, that was a poor choice of camera angles.

  2. Chris says:

    “Oh, this is what the Cylons see? That kinda sucks. BSG just jumped the shark.”

    Those are my fears exactly. It was my biggest pet peeve about X-Files; they were great at sucking us into the conspiracy plots, but the reveal at the end was invariably disappointing.

    Sometimes we like our mysteries unsolved. :)

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