BSG marathon on the SciFi Channel

December 20, 2005 at 10:09 am | Events

To celebrate the release of the new Season 2 DVD, the SciFi channel is running an all-day marathon of Season 2 episodes.

The episodes will be shown in their original order and will air from 8am through 4pm. Every episode from the 2nd season will be shown, except for the first two episodes (Scattered and Valley of Darkness).

Here’s the complete schedule:

BSG marathon on SciFi

2 comments on “BSG marathon on the SciFi Channel”

  1. Ha, I totally found this out when I came home and saw that my DVR had recorded them all.

  2. Galacticaa says:

    That’s pretty sweet, Trapper. I wound up grabbing “Pegasus” which, for some reason, my DVR didn’t bother to record the first time around.

    Hoping to get the Season 2 DVD though, so I can free up some space for other things.

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