Galacticaa gets an upgrade

December 29, 2005 at 10:23 am | Site News

In advance of next week’s new Galactica episode, we’ve made a number of improvements to Galacticaa:

• Massively reworked our tags implementation — the main tag cloud now shows all available tags, the mini tag cloud in the sidebar has more tags and a new design, the mini tag cloud is also higher up in the sidebar so it’s easier to see, and Technorati tag links now include a Technorati logo. Also — tags like ‘bsg’ and ‘galactica’ (which are great for search engines, but not useful when browsing this site) are now hidden from view.

• Unified the appearance of the index, category, archive, and search results pages. (Previously, there were slight layout differences between all of these pages.)

• Added a search box to the search results page so it’s easier to refine search queries

• Improved the ‘Who’s Online?’ counter script — it should now both a list of logged-in users and a count of all guests

• Removed the Google Adsense banners. (For now, the income wasn’t worth the trouble… they may return in the future.)

• Reduced the number of links to five. (Larger numbers of links tend to contain duplicates, and a larger list refreshes less often for repeat visitors.)

• Reorganized the Galactica links in the sidebar. (Removed dead links, renamed link groups, and renamed a few links so that they’re more accurate.)

• Tweaked the site footer a little bit

(Don’t worry, though. We didn’t network our computers.)

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