HNR hacks into Galactica’s computer network

January 10, 2006 at 8:10 pm | Battlestar News

As any Galactica fan knows, networking computers is a pretty bad idea.

So, when Lt. Gaeta was forced to network Galactica’s navigation computers to do an emergency FTL jump during ‘Scattered’, fans knew there’d be repercussions.

But, given BSG’s heavy geek fanbase, the resulting Cylon virus plotline — where a virus infected Galactica’s networked computers and immobilized the ship — seemed a bit contrived to many fans. Responding in a recent SciFi Q&A, Ron Moore gave his two cents:

We strive to keep things realistic without getting bogged down in too much technobabble or detail about it. We do have a very good, very knowledgeable technical advisor, who usually flags down errors of this sort, but in the end, it’s my call when to stay with the dramatic beat or change things around to keep it scientifically accurate. It’s a very subjective call and basically I listen to my own instincts as a writer, so if we’re doing something that pulls you out of the show because you know better, it’s probably a result of me taking the dramatic rather than the accurate path.

Makes sense to me, but the Hollywood North Report digs a bit deeper into this issue in this week’s BSG TechBlog.

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