Podcast from Resurrection Ship Pt 1

January 10, 2006 at 10:02 am | Battlestar News

The SciFi Channel has posted Ron Moore’s podcast commentary from the first half of the two-part ‘Resurrection Ship’ episode.

Most of this podcast centers around how ‘Resurrection Ship’ — which was originally conceived as a single episode — became a two-parter.

Here are a few of the more interesting highlights:

• The original version of ‘Resurrection Ship’ was 20 minutes long… a huge amount of extra footage, which eventually became part of the 2nd episode.

• RDM almost says “Picard” when talking about Adama’s motivation in a scene

• The ‘Case Orange’ codeword refers to a Navy battleplan during World War II

• The ‘Downfall’ codeword refers to a movie about the last days in Hitler’s bunker. (He’s probably referring to this film.)

• The “terminate Adama’s command” is an homage to a similar scene from Apocalypse Now where Harrison Ford gives instructions to Martin Sheen’s character.

• RDM reveals that Number Six was originally present when Baltar gave Gina some clothes, but they eventually cut her out of the scene because it muddle the emotional intent of the scene.

5 comments on “Podcast from Resurrection Ship Pt 1”

  1. alex says:

    i liked the podcast, i am without tv signal, moving from panama to mx city, and i got to wait untill i can see the re runs of 3rd season… too bad i am so happy with the show, i like how you are focusing the power issue… how humans in ignorance before killed and abussed the cylons, then the cylons doing the same, it reminds me our little world, when firt the oppressed people make movies of how many millions where killed during wwII and now they act just like their former oppresors… it is interesting that we as humans with the little resourses that we are capable of, can spread the word non of one oppressed people, religion or political view, (getting short with my english here… im mexican… thinking in spanglish… wait…) yeap! got it, that you that are making a metaphor can talk about how we are not prepared to handle power… and probably you are not making this on porpouse, but usually happends with any play…
    anyway, thks i am hopping to get the whole thing in dvd… very good sci fi program… love it

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