Galactica moves to Sundays?

November 21, 2006 at 11:31 am | Battlestar News

This just in from the Sci Fi Wire:

SCI FI Channel’s award-winning series Battlestar Galactica will move to a new timeslot starting Jan. 21, 2007: Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT, following the premiere of the new original series The Dresden Files at 9 p.m.

Is it me? Or does this seem pretty stupid?

In general, moving a show to different timeslot in the same season is a recipe for disaster, and often a sign of that something isn’t working (and even impending cancellation).

Now I’m sure BSG isn’t at risk of being cancelled, but it seems like SciFi would do better to bolster up their Friday evening programming, and move BSG back to 10pm.

One suggestion… how about re-airing Heroes in the time slot before BSG? Now that would be a Sci-Fi Friday!

UPDATE: Variety explains the motivation behind the move:

Sci Fi exec VP of programming Mark Stern said there are two reasons for moving the series.

“Broadcast and cable networks realized Friday was not such a bad timeslot, so it’s not the easy lay-up it once was,” he said.

In addition, he added, Sundays have bigger HUT levels and will be less competitive come January when football leaves the sked.

Frosh one-hour “Eureka” showed that “we can launch a show successfully on a new night beyond Friday,” Stern said. “Sunday is the home for premiere programming and for us, that’s ‘Battlestar.’ ”

Sci Fi Channel also will debut its detective drama “The Dresden Files” Jan. 21 at 9, where it will lead into “Battlestar.” Stern said the cabler is hoping that “Dresden” will bring in a new and broader audience to the latter.

BTW, HUT levels = households using television. My final thoughts: it’s a risky move, but let’s hope SCI FI rolls a “hard six”.

8 comments on “Galactica moves to Sundays?”

  1. Logan says:

    It is an odd move, but I’m sure they have a ton of market research to back up the move. Clearly the target demographics of BSG will be home on a Sunday night. (BSG has great demographics, but Friday is a big going out night, after all.) Plus, HBO and Showtime have had great sucess with having their flagship shows on Sundays.

    It was always risky to put BSG on in the fall up against the networks instead of during the summer.

    There’s no risk of cancellation. The DVD sales alone justify at least a fourth season, and perhaps a fifth as well. The network, studio, and producers would be smart though to announce that the show will have a certain end of all the story arcs by the end of the 5th season, much as Babylon 5 did — while still allowing for TV movies, etc.

  2. Galacticaa says:

    You make a good pount about HBO and Showtime, Logan. Personally, I’m hoping BSG will make it to the big screen, not just television movies…. though, if they make it to Earth, that’s a logical end for the all things Galactica.

  3. Scar says:

    I believe that the move is a good thing. I’m feel the people who watch BSG have the kind of loyalty as those who watch 24 religiously. Moving to Sunday wont detract from this kind of audience but it will give the show a chance to expand to those who don’t watch it simply because it is on Friday night. As far as TV movies and even the big screen, I think that this BSG might want to stick to its origins which have given it so much success, namely the show itself and the miniseries that began it. Moving to the big screen after a successful run has proven fatal to so many other shows. As far as an endgame, the show doesn’t really need to go beyond the realm it has created. They have so much freedom with a weekly show, the kind that you’ll never see in a hollywood production. Plotlines will be thinner, characters less intriguing. Now they can write the show for its audience. With a movie they’ll have to try to expand and a much larger audience. I’d hate to see the havoc that would create to the cerebral aspect of the show, which would probably be replaced by some over the top George Lucas CGI nonsense.

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