August 24, 2005 at 12:12 am | Fan Fiction

Leoben and Starbuck

[info]midsummer_fic has posted a great fan fiction piece about Leoben, the Cylon who appeared at Ragnar Station and in Laura Rosslyn’s dreams:

He’s exuding moisture at an alarming rate. He’s already drunk two of the six canteens he has in the ship. He’s thinking about drinking the third, but is trying to slow down. He can smell himself; sweat and dirt and the iron from his hands.

He’s here, waiting for the humans to come. They will come, they have no choice. No choice, no plan, and no real hope. They have forsaken God, and God has smiled upon a new era, chosen a new people. His people. His era.

He tries to find that place inside him, the place full of God, but it feels empty, and he flings his hand out, clanging it against the metal wall. Water splashes in a glittering arc over his face.

midsummer_fic @ Live Journal: “Disconnecting” (Battlestar Galactica)

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