New BSG Videoblog: Billy gets no respect!

November 19, 2005 at 10:17 am | Battlestar News, Cast & Crew

Billy gets no respect

The SciFi channel has just uploaded a new videoblog from Galactica producer David Eick.

In this episode, David shares hosting duties with Paul Campbell (who plays Billy on the show). As Billy walks through Galactica’s set, he runs across Kandyse McClure (Duala), Jamie Bamber (Apollo), and other cast & crew members. But the reaction isn’t quite what he was expecting…

Note: this videoblog was shot during Episode 215, so you may potentially run across a few spoilers.

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1 comment on “New BSG Videoblog: Billy gets no respect!”

  1. Galacticaa says:

    Near the end of the videoblog, Billy walks through the “Starlight Lounge”. This is clearly a new set… maybe the Pegasus has the equivalent of Star Trek’s “Ten Forward”?

    Or could this lounge be on another ship in the fleet?

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